How to

How to set up a Creator account

1. Sign up
Register yourself as a user by clicking Sign Up in the menu.  Fill in your name, e-mail and your password. Thereafter click on the Sign Up button.
You have now created an account. This is as far as a Fan would go when they create their user account. But since you want to be a creator, we have to continue.

2. Verify yourself
MyFans require that you verify yourself with ID card, passport or similar. This is to make sure that you are of age and allowed to use MyFans. We also save your verification information for disputes, fraud attempts or similar.
To verify your account, click on My Account in the menu after you have been logged in.
You will come straight to the My Profile page. Here you can change and update the following items:
- Your URL: This is, or will be the direct link to your creators page. As default it is set to your name and a number. But here you can change it to what you want it to be
- Your Name: This is your name as it will be presented on the site, so fill in your artist/creator name
- Headline: Here you put your bio. A description of yourself, who you are, and what you do.
- Category: Choose the category you feel suits you
- Profile picture: Upload a profile picture of you. This will be visible on your page, and when browsing creators. Minimun size is 200x200 pixels
- Cover picture: Upload a cover picture of you. This will be visible on your page, and when browsing creators. Minimun size is 960x280 pixels
- Social profiles: Add links to your social profiles accounts

After you have updated your information, press the blue button Save Profile. You will see a window saying that your profile was saved.

At the top, you will se a red text saying Please verify your profile to be able to take payments. Below is a link saying Verify Profile. Click that link
On the verification page, you have to enter the following information:
- Country: Select your country of recidense
- City: Select your city of recidense
- Complete address: Fill in your address
- ID Upload: Upload a visible and readable picture of your ID card, passport, drivers license or similar.

When finished, press the blue button Send for approval

NOTE! As soon as Admin has approved your profile, your page will go public immediately, so make sure you have uploaded your profile- and cover image before you ask for approval.

Admin will now get an email with your verification request. Admin will verify your information and either approve or reject you. Reasons for rejection can be unreadable ID pictures, fraudulent information etc. If your account is rejected, no appeals will be considered.
While Admin is validating your account, you will see a text on top of the page saying 
Your profile verification is being reviewed.
When Admin has approved your account, you will recieve an email stating that your account has been approved. Accounts are normally approved within 24 hrs. If you haven't recieved an email within this timeframe, check your junkmail, or send an email to

3. Setting up payments for your account
In the menu, select Setup Membership Fee. Here you have to enter the following:
- Membership Fee: The monthly fee that fans will pay for access to your premium content. Remeber that the amount is in Euro, and that MyFans will take 30% of your amount.
- Minimum tip and unlock a premium post: Here non-paying users can pay a one-time fee to see a specific post. Set the amount you want for one specific post. 
Remeber that the amount is in Euro, and that MyFans will take 30% of your amount.
- Payment method: Select Bank Transfer if you create adult content. PayPal does not approve of payments recieved originating from adult content creation
- PayPal email: If you selected PayPal, enter your PayPal account email here
- Full Bank Details: Enter your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and SWIFT/BIC (Bank Identifier Code) number here. You will get it from your bank. In most cases it's available in your account information page when logged in to your internet banking page. BIC and SWIFT is the same thing, just different names at different banks. Example of a Swedish IBAN is 
SE4550000000058398257466. Example of a Swedish BIC/SWIFT for SwedBank is SWEDSESS 

When finished, click Save Payout Details.

4. Creating content
To create content , you either go to My Profile in the menu, or to My Account -> Create Post. You will see a box saying Post Something... Write your post and add media to the post using one of the buttons below; Upload picture, Upload Video, Upload Music or Upload Zip File. In the end you will see a Padlock. Clicking the Padlock will switch state on the post: Green padlock is free content, Yellow padlock is Premium content.
When you are finished with your post, click the blue button Publish

5. Marketing your MyFans page
When marketing your MyFans page, always use the link you created when you set up your account, i.e.  Do not link directly to since you want to drive the traffic to your profile page, and get sales there.
You can get 2 types of fans:
- Subscribers: People who follow you, and subscribe to your free content, but they are not paying fans.
- Fans: People who have paid to see your premium content.

When somebody buys either your Monthly subscription, or tips you for a post, you will recieve an email stating what has happened.
You will also see it under My Account -> My Subscribers

6. Getting paid
Selecting My Account -> Withdrawals you will see your earnings up to date. Minimum withdrawal is €20. If you have more than €20 on your account, you will see a button saying Send request for - €xxx
Pressing the button will initiate a payment to you for the requested amount.
Payment requests must be initiated on the 20:th every month to recieve a payment before the 30:th every month.
Payment is done via bank transfer to the bank account IBAN and BIC/SWIFT you specified under Bank Details.

7. Other stuff of interest
The top list on MyFans first page shows the top 9 creators at MyFans. The top creators are selected automatically based on a 
combination of number of likes, number of comments, number of fans, number of tips and number of free subscribers. So if you want to reach the Top 9 on page one, market your page everywhere, and make sure to drive the traffic to you.

8. More questions
Send an email to